After dealing with sub-par contractors, (which seems to be the norm these days), I found Crosstone and all I can say is WOW!!, what a breath of fresh air. Excellent service from the very beginning until completion. These guys go above and beyond in a very professional manner with absolute attention to every detail and they make you feel like you’re involved in the project by walking you through the process and answering any questions or concerns. I’d give six stars if I could! Thank you guys!!!

Alex K.

Ron is a real pro. He really knows how to build and often uses the latest technology, materials and techniques to accomplish an optimal result. He is also a very good designer and fills in the blanks where the plans are silent. He has worked on many of my large and expensive projects over the last 6 years. Besides his building skills and he is honest, trustworthy and of highest personal character.

Tony Barelli

Ron is a very capable and knowledgeable contractor. Above all other contractors that I have worked with, he cares that every detail is executed in the best and most cost effective manner possible. He does not shy away from challenges. Instead, he is willing to put in the time and energy to research solutions. Client satisfaction is a top priority.

Lisa Jensen Design


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