Excavation Contractors & Grading Contractors in Topeka, Kansas

At Crosstone Construction, we have been working in the excavation business since our inception in 1999. The owner of Crosstone has been in the excavation field for more than 30 years. We work with local contractors and home owners that need excavation services. Some of the jobs include new driveway installation with both concrete and stone driveways, driveway repairs, repair of drainage ditches, installation of drain pipe, sewer line installation, installation of stone retaining walls, installation of block retaining walls, installation of foundation drainage systems, excavation for new concrete slab and concrete driveway new construction and repairs to existing concrete driveways and sidewalk construction.

Looking For Residential / Commercial Excavation & Grading Services?

What is the Difference between Excavation and Grading?

Excavation typically includes such services as trenching for drainage pipes, installation of water lines, sewer lines, trench for foundation, slab on grade, and frost walls. Grading might include such things as building a road, regrading a road, grading for a large slab for a building, grading a lawn, repair of a lawn. Excavation services would include such equipment as a mini or large excavator and supporting equipment such as a compactor, loader to move materials and a dump truck. Grading might include a skid steer, grader, loader and a dump truck. Typically the equipment is used in unison for either a grading or an excavation project.

What Type of Excavation or Grading Services Does Crosstone Construction Offer?

Crosstone can help with a variety of excavation and grading Services including but not limited to the following services or projects:

  • Foundation Excavation
  • Grading
  • Storm Sewer Excavation
  • Sanitary Sewer Excavation
  • Water Line Trenching
  • Brush Clearing and Disposal
  • Land Clearing
  • Building Pad Construction
  • Driveway Construction
  • Driveway Repair
  • Foundation Drainage Repair
  • Drainage Repair for Driveways and Homes
  • Stone Retaining Wall Installation
  • Block Retaining Wall Installation
  • Concrete Retaining Wall Installation

Demolition Services in Topeka – Residential or Commercial Removal & Disposal

Crosstone is in the business of offering a complete service package for all types of construction in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Demolition is often needed on many projects. We have completed building removal and disposal up to 5000 sf along with demolition and removal of small sheds, concrete pads, driveways and removal of interior walls on a large scale for preparation of the site for remodeling for both commercial and residential projects. We love tackling the hard project where we need to provide support for various types of structures. When it comes to demolition, we can handle your project.

Demolition Services Offered:

  • Demolish Old Buildings
  • Demolish Old Homes
  • Remove Debris
  • Demolish Old Concrete Structures

Why Choose Crosstone Construction for Your Excavation Needs?

Crosstone Construction has extensive experience in the excavation and grading business. We can offer you the complete package for your project from start to finish. This allows us to complete your job in a timely manner with the experience needed to perform the work in a professional manner form beginning to end.