Concrete Contractors in Topeka, Kansas

Crosstone has been in the concrete business doing ‘flat” work for nearly 20 years. Ron Gifford, the owner, learned the business as a young man working with his mom and dad in commercial construction more than 45 years ago. In this geographical area, it is important to understand the nature of the soil that you are placing the concrete over and whether or not you need to add additional components to obtain a quality job. Such things as reinforcing rods rather than wire fabric, what about the PSI of the concrete, should you increase the strength of the concrete. How about your substrate? Do you have proper drainage away from and underneath the concrete structure or slab? These are areas that we can help you with in making your final decision for your concrete needs.

Our Concrete Services

Crosstone Offers An Array of Concrete Services Listed Below:

  • Concrete Estimates
  • Patios
  • New Construction
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Steps
  • Porches
  • Garages
  • Monolithic slabs

Concrete Construction Projects

Commercial Concrete Contractors

Crosstone is embarking on some large commercial projects including two electrical substations in Kansas and one in Oklahoma. these include large caissons, limited concrete walls, flatwork with large amounts of rebar and large anchor bolt systems. This is in addition to any excavation needs for these projects such as excavating for electrical conduit, plumbing and drainage needs. Of course we can do small commercial projects as well including the excavation for subcontractors, flatwork and various small commercial concrete projects.

Residential Concrete Contractors

Residential projects include concrete retaining walls, residential flatwork such as, driveways, slabs, patios and any new concrete flatwork or repairs to existing concrete that may be needed. We have the ability to assess the needs of the customer, estimate the repairs or the new construction and perform the work in a timely manner.

Let Crosstone Construction be your residential or commercial concrete contractor for all your concrete construction needs in Topeka, KS. Give us a call, or contact us by filling out the form below for your concrete needs.